Who is Viva La Vee?

Vanetta Schoefield


Vanetta Schoefield, more popularly known as Viva.La.Vee is an eccentric freelance writer and comedian. Hailing from Sunny North Carolina, she majored in communication studies and minored in Creative writing. She has been published in several blogs and magazines where she aims to make people laugh and give confidence to. A self proclaimed “people-ologist” she has also been involved in the restaurant industry as well as having a sales office where she coached struggling shy individuals to embrace the “Loud and Proud” motto and hence transform their lives.

Viva.La.Vee learned her trait for comedy from taking various classes in and around New York City. She liked doing stand-up but she was particularly fascinated by the holistic experience of being a comedian. Watching some of the classic comedians like Dave Chapelle, Laverne & Shirley, she was intrigued by the art of making people laugh from a very tender age. Her taste in comedy was also as diverse as the comedians she used to look up to. She is the sort of person who would crack everyone up making jokes about her own-self. But boiled down to the core, she loves to connect with people not just through comedy but through conversations as well.

Vanetta is a proud and independent woman with a no holds barred sort of a personality. She can joke about sensitive issues like feminism and ethnicity and can get away with it in the most flamboyant manner. In the current comedy industry, Vanetta looks up to Allie Wong with her anti feminism jokes and also adores Michaela Coel from the Netflix show, Chewing gum. In her own words, Vanetta emphasized on the fact that she is not into how popular a particular comedian is, but more about how the comedian portrays herself and the art. Perspective to her is the most important thing in comedy. This is what she tries to bring into her comedy and also what she looks for in others.

They say that a comedian’s humor usually stems from some sort of vulnerability or trauma in the past. For Vanetta, it was her struggle with being over-weight. At a whooping 220 pounds, she was ‘wrestling double cheeseburgers’ on a daily basis. This really suppressed her confidence at an early age and because of it, Vee also struggled with depression. Her middle school and high-school days were spent sharing the room with her younger brother and not getting very much privacy. Her mom, whom she refers to many a times in her jokes, was quite hard on her in those early days. According to her, it is that ruggedness which is what shaped her way of thinking and not to mention her hilarious jokes.

Underneath the comedian, Vanetta is a person who wants to help people by reaching out to them. She regularly appears on a show called Keith and The Girl: Comedy Talk Show & Podcast, where she talks about people’s image and how it affects everyone in general. A person who is very passionate in terms of portraying her true self and inspiring others to do the same, she also reminds us to highlight the good and embrace the flaws within us, perhaps with a healthy dose of comedy.


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